a level art sketchbooks

Amazing sketchbook pages to inspire high school Art students

mistakes when painting

Do you make these common mistakes?

How to create an excellent observational drawing

Want to draw cartoons or fantasy illustrations as part of your high school Art project? This AP Studio Concentration project by Seokkyun Hong was awarded full marks. It is essential viewing for students and teachers alike.
GCSE Art architecture
This Edexcel GCSE Art Coursework project explores architectural spaces, daily life and routine. It was completed by Samantha Li and was awarded full marks.
GCSE Art edexcel
This GCSE Art exam was awarded full marks and explores a fantasy / spiritualistic interpretation of the topic 'Force'. It was completed by Samantha Li, while studying at West Island School, Hong Kong.
Photography sketchbook presentation ideas
Many high school Photography students are unsure how to present flat, printed photographic images in a creative and visually appealing way. This article provides 16 sketchbook examples to help motivate and inspire students who study Photography.