Last updated 02/09/2015

Crustaceans and Natural Forms: A Beautiful International GCSE Art Exam

This International GCSE Art exam (controlled test) was completed by Nikau Hindin, while studying IGCSE Art & Design (CIE 0400) at ACG Parnell College, Auckland, New Zealand (2007). It was a response to the topic ‘Crustacean‘ and was awarded an A* grade.

gcse art exam exploring natural forms
A detail showing part of Nikau’s final International GCSE exam piece.


A beautiful exploration of natural form, Nikau demonstrates a sensitive and individual response to the subject matter. Arranging a still life of shells and crayfish in the crashing waves of a local beach, Nikau worked from first-hand observation and her own photographs. She experimented with a range of different media, including acrylic, black biro on acrylic ground, black and white pencil on an Indian ink ground, and ink and white paint on newspaper, before completing the final exam piece in watercolours.

gcse art exam A*
An International GCSE Art exam project exploring natural forms (A*) 

The video below shows additional close ups and details of this International GCSE Art exam.

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