Art Project Ideas for A2

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Art Project Ideas for A2

Okay, I recently just finished my AS art & design on NICCEA board.
My coursework was based on 'The psychology of female perfection' which I completely loved as it was so easy to keep bringing the project further as it is a social topic of debate and concern of many teenagers. Our exam word was 'measure' which I chose to explore the measurements on time through photography, as in things like development of cameras past to present and how cameras effectively capture a specific 'measurement' in time.
In completing my AS I'm already thinking toward A2 and a project that I could dedicate myself to again, not something necessarily aesthetically pleasing but something deep or emotive as I found that the easiest way for me to express myself and get a high grade.
At GCSE I looked at the over used 'nature' which led me looking at 'mother nature' which I realised did not enjoy one bit comparing to my AS topic although still managed to get an A*. Anyone help me out with some good 'deep' project ideas as I definitely don't want to go through doing a project I wont enjoy especially in my last year!
Thanks :)

One idea that came to me when reading about your previous projects was exploring a sense of self. This has currently had new psychological research published about it, and it looks at the idea of how our ideas about ourself can be changed through the environment and also the social self (how we adapt and change our true self to conform etc). There are quite a few social issues that could be explored under this theme, which you might enjoy.

If not, another idea is maybe looking at aspects of society, either positive or negative, or both and maybe showing contrasts in culture, both between countries and within countries. Perhaps social issues like binge drinking would come into this, or the way some religions can be over taken by social stereotypes.

Hopefully this helps a little!

Thanks for the comment back, it sparked a few new ideas thanks alot! Attempting to find something original but still as brilliant and understandable and eye catching is so hard!

No problem! And yes, when starting A2 I struggled for quite a while to settle on a topic and for a while I was thoroughly confused! My advice in hindsight would be that sometimes an apparently simple idea can actually lead to something really different, so yes make sure of course you enjoy the theme, but don't get too hung up on it because its amazing where the development can take you!

So awesome to stumble across threads like this! This is how we hoped the Student Art Guide would become - a place where creative, keen art students would come to share ideas and help each other - awesome!

Garriieee, no doubt you've seen the random topics listed here and also this article about coming up with good ideas? I have just updated the second article with an infographic which might help you too.

Good luck!


You seem to enjoy looking at current issues which affect yourself and your peers. Within this, you could look at major topics of debate at the moment: environmental issues, 1st world and 3rd world, human rights, racism, sexism, homophobia, equality, the obesity epidemic and sociocultural development, to name a few.