Painting a portrait from a photo: the risks

Painting a portrait when you don’t know the person is hard. Painting a person that you don’t know from a photo – especially a photo you have not taken yourself – is even harder.

Those who Succeed

This is an article for me. It is a reminder, because I have forgotten. There is only one difference between those who succeed and those who do not.

Tips for producing an amazing high school art sketchbook

This article contains tips, examples, and advice from an experienced teacher, outlining best practice for sketchbook content, page layout, and presentation. For students studying qualifications such as GCSE Art, A Level Art, IB Visual Art, and NCEA Scholarship.

Free Art Teacher Resources

free art teacher resources

A collection of free art resources for teachers provided by the Student Art Guide. Posters and classroom handouts to make the busy teacher’s job easier!