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The Student Art Guide publishes art project ideas, tips, best practice, and helpful learning strategies for high school art students around the world. We feature outstanding student artwork from a wide range of qualifications, including IGCSE, GCSE, A Level, NCEA, AP Studio, and IB Art (if you are interested in submitting your own high school art projects, please read our submission guidelines).

The Student Art Guide is classroom-friendly and managed by experienced art educators. Our resources are recommended by leading educational institutions (see below) and have been shared on social media over one million times. Reaching half a million pageviews per month, we are one of the largest high school art education websites in the world, used by a growing number of high school art departments. If you would like to help us or contribute in some way, you can find out the best way to do this here!

Student Art Guide painting
The Student Art Guide has been created to help all art students improve their grades. Photo by Nikau Hindin.

What others say about the Student Art Guide

The Student Art Guide is one of a small number of websites recommended by Cambridge International Examinations for IGCSE and A Level Art and Design students. The Student Art Guide is mentioned within the provisional OCR GCSE Delivery Guide: Drawing for Different Purposes and Means, with our articles given as learning references for line drawing and perspective (OCR is part of the Cambridge Assessment Group, which is now Europe’s largest assessment agency and operates in over 150 countries). We are one of two web sources included within the Teachers Manual Grades K-5: A Fine Line: Observation, Discovery and Expression in Drawing, an Artmobile publication funded in part by the US National Endowment for the Arts. Our articles are used by high school Art departments around the world.

Here is what others say about us:

Kerry Liptrot, Product Manager Art and Design, Cambridge International Examinations, United Kingdom:

The Student Art Guide website really is one of the most informative and inspirational websites for students and teachers – whatever the qualification. CIE wholeheartedly recommend it as a valuable teaching and learning resource site.

Dan China, member of the DfE Expert Group for Art and Design; contributor to the NSEAD Curriculum Development Group; past Ofsted inspector, Chief Moderator/Examiner, Chair of the National Art Advisers’ Association and curriculum and assessment development consultant with QCDA, working on the National Curriculum for Art in all key stages, including revisions to GCE and GCSE examinations:

The Student Art Guide is a really good website with examples of students’ artwork plus information, examples and advice for (A Level) students. This is useful for students and teachers.

Susanne Suprock, high school Visual Art educator from Rhode Island; past president of the RI Art Education Association; technology trainer for RI Teachers of Technology:

The Student Art Guide is a wonderful resource for high school Art teachers and students alike. Shared work and lessons, best teaching practices, process tips, multiple art categories and many types of sketchbook ideas are abundant within the Student Art Guide. This link on observational drawing is excellent. This is one site you’ll spend a good amount of time checking out! Love it!

Janene Hyatt, Fine Arts teacher, Mortimer Jordan High, United States:

This website is excellent for any Art student seeking answers to questions about being in an Art course. This site is very helpful with planning, staying on task, and being a better, more proficient learner. AP students will love this site and hopefully it will encourage and motive students to excel in the field of Art.

Betsy BiJulio, National Board Certified art teacher at Princess Anne High School, United States written within the August and September edition of the American SchoolArts Magazine:

Working faster and more efficiently using a few tricks of the trade is something we have been working on ever since I stumbled across an outstanding article by Amiria Robinson on the Student Art Guide website, entitled How to Draw and Paint Faster: 15 Tips for High School Art Students. This challenge helped to underscore how to achieve verve, but how to do it relatively quickly using strategies from the article with our “accidental” twists.

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The Student Art Guide Team

Our content is produced by a small but growing team of experienced high school Art teachers and high achieving students. Some of our team are profiled below. If you are interested in writing for us, please read our submission guidelines!

Amiria Gale

Amiria Gale

Founder and Editor of the Student Art Guide, Amiria Gale is an artist and experienced teacher, responsible for the course design, curriculum development and assessment of Art and Design work in ACG Strathallan and ACG Parnell College in Auckland, New Zealand for over seven years. Her experience lies with the worldwide Cambridge Art qualifications, CIE IGCSE 0400 and A Level 9704; she is a CIE accredited Coursework assessor in Art and Design. Amiria has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies and a Bachelor of Architecture (First Class Honours) as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching. Amiria is responsible for writing and editing articles and creates teaching resources available via the Student Art Guide. She also moderates a Facebook Group for High School Art Teachers, and runs Student Art Guide Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. You can view her artwork at www.amiriagale.com or follow her newly created accounts on LinkedIn and Instagram.

George Robinson-White

George Robinson-White

George has been a teacher of GCSE Art & Design and A Level Fine Art and Photography for nine years, responsible for the planning and assessment of A Level Photography at Alleyne’s Thomas High School in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, UK. George has a Foundation and Higher National Diploma in Fine Art, a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). He is an experienced teacher of the AQA Art and Design curriculum. You can follow George on Google+, YouTube or Behance.

Maryann Darmody

Maryann has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts and a Post Graduate Diploma of Teaching, with additional papers completed in Architecture, Design and Interior Design. She is currently a NCEA Visual Art teacher at a secondary school in New Zealand and has taught NCEA Art History online for 4 years. Maryann is one of our Featured Art Project writers, helping to document outstanding achievement by high school students around the world. You can follow Maryann on Google+.

Melissa Dyer-Causton

Melissa is a secondary Art teacher from Auckland, New Zealand. She has 22 years of teaching experience, including eleven years at international schools in Munich, Khartoum and Bangkok, working with a mix of PYP, MYP, IB Diploma, IGCSE, IMYC and KS3 curriculum. Melissa has also worked with project based cross-curricular events at middle school level. You can follow Melissa on Google+.

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