How to analyze an artwork: a step-by-step guide

This article has been written for high school art students who are working upon a critical study of art, sketchbook annotation or an essay-based artist study. It contains a list of questions to guide students through the process of analyzing visual material of any kind.

Writing the A2 Art Personal Study: examples, help and guidance

This article has been written for CIE A Level Art students who are working on their Personal Study. It focuses upon how to analyse artwork and produce a well-structured Personal Study.

How to Select a Great A2 Art Personal Study Topic

This is the first in a series of articles aimed at helping A Level Art students with their Personal Study and addresses how to come up with a great topic.

A Level Art: The Personal Study

A guide to presenting a superb A Level Art Personal Study (tips from an experienced teacher and Coursework assessor).


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