How you can help the Student Art Guide

The Student Art Guide is produced by ordinary teachers and has no outside funding. Our articles and resources take many, many hours to create. We rely on advertising to help cover costs and to ensure that we can deliver quality resources to our readers. As the website grows, we plan to hire additional experienced Art teachers to develop a wider set of comprehensive teaching resources (all free), in areas such as graphic design, photography,  fashion, textiles, moving image and sculpture. There are lots of ways that you can contribute: often these cost nothing and take only a second of your time. We are thankful for every bit of assistance we receive!

7 ways that you can help

1. Click the social media share buttons at bottom of articles and ‘Like’, ‘Pin’, ‘Tweet’ or ‘+1’ them to your followers. This introduces our material to a wider audience and adds ‘social value’ to articles. For example, when a newcomer arrives at our website and notices that an articles have been pinned 40,000 times, this may improve their initial perception of the article (making them more likely to read and benefit from it themselves).

2. Link to us from your own website. Schools often list us within the resources section of their Art Department website, or set homework tasks related to our content and link to us in the process. As well as making it easier for students to find us, this has huge benefits in terms of the way that Google values our website and means that the Student Art Guide is more likely to be shown in Google search results. This takes about 30 seconds to implement, but has major ongoing positive benefits. This is one of the best ways that you can show your thanks and help us continue to be able to provide great resources for teachers and students.

3. Write a detailed article about an awesome high school Art project. If accepted for publishing, this can be a superb way for students and schools to receive recognition for their efforts. This also helps us with our goal of providing ongoing inspirational content for our audience. Please read our submission guidelines for more information.

4. Use our guide to creating your own website: why Art students should have their own website (and how to make one). This article contains affiliate links to Site 5 (this is the website hosting provider that we recommend). If you purchase hosting through these links, there is no extra charge to you, but we get a small commission for each sale. This becomes an essentially free way for you to contribute funds to our website.

5. Make a donation. Although many of our audience have little funds to spare, many teachers have wished to thank us for our efforts. This can be as little as US$10 in gratitude for a particular resource. Donations can be anonymous. Donations are pooled and are used solely to create new teaching resources that are published via the Student Art Guide website. The donation button below takes you to Advanced Distribution Ltd’s Paypal page (owner of the Student Art Guide). All donations are gratefully received.

6. Sponsorship. This is something we are now contemplating, so that schools, universities and other corporate institutions can contribute significant funds in return for recognition on the Student Art Guide website. Please note that no sponsorship deals will be made with ‘spammy’ websites or those that are unsuitable for a high school audience. All sponsorship links will be nofollow, as per Google Webmaster guidelines. If you are interested in discussing a possible sponsorship opportunity, please get in touch via our contact form.

7. Purchase advertising. Please read information about advertising on the Student Art Guide.

If have any other ideas about how you might be able to help, we would love to hear from you!