How to annotate a sketchbook: a guide for art students

Wondering how to annotate an A Level Art sketchbook, conduct formal analysis for IB Visual Arts, or looking for GCSE Art annotation examples? This article sets out best practice when it comes to producing outstanding sketchbook annotation.

How to make an ePortfolio: a guide for students & teachers

Here we outline the benefits of digital presentation and explain how to create an ePortfolio for students, illustrating some of the best ePortfolio strategies used by high-achieving art students from around the world.

How to analyze an artwork: a step-by-step guide

This article has been written for high school art students who are working upon a critical study of art, sketchbook annotation or an essay-based artist study. It contains a list of questions to guide students through the process of analyzing visual material of any kind.

100+ Creative Photography Ideas: Techniques, Compositions & Mixed Media Approaches

A collection of awesome creative techniques, mixed media approaches and compositional ideas to inspire Photography students.

50+ Still life drawing ideas for Art students

This article lists still life ideas for teachers or students who are stuck or in need of inspiration. The collection includes tried and true favourites that have been used by Art teachers for generations, as well as more unusual and contemporary still life topics.

The 16 most important steps you can take to ace high school Art

Every day, thousands of skilful Art students underachieve, while others steadily inch their achievement levels higher. Read how to excel, so that you can too.

What they didn’t tell you about studying high school Art

A clear, unbiased view of what studying Visual Art at high school is like – helping you decide whether a high school Art or Design course is right for you.

Can you pass a color blind test? A guide for artists and designers

Are you entering a career where color is important? What are the implications for an artist or designer who is color blind? Take our free color blind test now.

How to make an art portfolio for college or university (the ultimate guide)

What should be in an art school application portfolio? How do you present a portfolio? What gives you the best chance of being accepted by the art school of your dreams? This article explains how to make an art portfolio for college or university and is packed with tips from leading art and design school admissions staff from around the world.

How to avoid the cliché in a high school Art project

Starting a new unit of work can be a daunting prospect for even the most confident of high school Art students. This article helps you ensure that your work is original, innovative and individual.

How to Make a Mind Map: Creative Examples for High School Art Students

This article features 23 creative mind map examples and other visual brainstorming illustrations to inspire high school Art students.

One Point Perspective Drawing: The Ultimate Guide

This article has everything an Art student needs to know about one point perspective: step-by-step tutorials, lesson plans, videos and free downloadable worksheets.

Why some Art students almost never get high grades

Certain beliefs, behaviours and approaches hinder your performance in a high school Art classroom. This article outlines 9 warning signals that you may be about to underachieve.

Textiles and Fashion Design Sketchbooks – 18 Inspirational Examples

This article contains outstanding textile and fashion design sketchbooks to inspire students working with fashion garments, personal accessories, wearable art costumes, fabrics or textiles.

Graphic Design Sketchbook Ideas – 20 Inspirational Examples

This article provides examples of sketchbooks to motivate those studying high school Graphic Design qualifications, focusing upon areas such as illustration, publication design, corporate identity, advertising and packaging design.

How to Approach the IGCSE Art Exam: Observational / Interpretative Assignment

This article aims to demystify Paper 1, CIE IGCSE Art and Design. It outlines a clear process that students may use to create their prep work and final piece.

Line Drawing: A Guide for Art Students

A collection of drawing exercises, downloadable worksheets and beautiful line drawings: inspiration for the student, artist or teacher.

Photography Sketchbook Ideas – 11 Inspirational Examples

Many high school Photography students are unsure how to present printed photographic images in a creative and visually appealing way. This article provides photographysketchbook examples to help motivate and inspire high school students.

150+ Art Careers – The Ultimate List

Where can studying Art or Design take you? What kinds of careers exist for those who study creative subjects at high school? A list of over 150+ awesome careers, with 25 individuals showcased in detail.

Digital Moving Image – Diocesan School for Girls

The production of moving image, short film and animation is an area of Visual Art education that is growing rapidly. Katie Blundell is a teacher of digital moving image to Year 11 high school students.

How to make an artist website (and why you need one)

Do you hope to sell your own art or services? It takes little funds and no prior experience to build a successful website. In less than than one year, my first website was receiving 1000 visits a day. We recommend the best website builder for artists, students and teachers.

How to draw & paint faster: 15 tips for high school Art students

Are you struggling to get your Art projects done on time? This article lists fifteen ways that you can work faster, without compromising the quality of your artwork.

9 reasons to study Art in high school

Are the numbers in your high school Art classes dwindling? The internet has changed the outlook for creative students. Here are nine reasons why studying Art is a good idea!

The Top 10 Mistakes Made by Art Students

High school Art students make the same mistakes, over and over again. This article outlines these errors, so that other students can avoid making the same errors themselves.

Sculpture and 3D Design Sketchbooks – 13 Creative Examples

Exploring topics such as abstract sculpture, figurative sculpture, installation, architectural design and product design, these sketchbook pages illustrate excellent presentation techniques.

Beyond the Brush: Inventive Use of Media for Painting Students (Part 3)

Need ideas for applying mediums creatively in your painting project or new mixed media art techniques? A guide for students, artists or teachers.

Art Sketchbook Ideas: creative examples to inspire students

Looking for sketchbook ideas? This article showcases inspirational Fine Art sketchbooks – inspiration for the student and teacher.

GCSE / IGCSE / A Level Art Exam Ideas 2013

A collection of GCSE, IGCSE and A Level Art exam topic interpretations and ideas to help students prepare for their 2013 Art exams.

Writing the A2 Art Personal Study: examples, help and guidance

This article has been written for CIE A Level Art students who are working on their Personal Study. It focuses upon how to analyse artwork and produce a well-structured Personal Study.

How to Select a Great A2 Art Personal Study Topic

This is the first in a series of articles aimed at helping A Level Art students with their Personal Study and addresses how to come up with a great topic.

How to Create an excellent Observational Drawing: 11 Tips for High School Art Students

This article contains list of tips for high school art students who are looking to improve the realism of their drawings.

How to stop procrastinating and get your Art homework done

This article is for students who are sick of leaving their art projects to the last minute. It is for those who are tired of nagging teachers and parents who glare at them with disappointed eyes.

Painting on Grounds: Inventive uses of Media for Painting Students (Part 2)

This article shows you how to integrate a ‘ground’ within your paintings or drawings and illustrates just how beneficial this technique can be.

2012 GCSE / IGCSE / A Level Art Exam Paper: Help, Ideas & Interpretation

Looking for ideas? The GCSE, IGCSE and A Level Art exam paper contain topics which must be used to stimulate ideas for a portfolio of artwork.

How to make your Art project exciting: creative use of media for Painting students (Part 1)

If your art project feels stagnant, repetitive, or downright boring, you may benefit from reading how to be more experimental with media, techniques and processes.

A Level Art Coursework: help for A2 Art students

This article contains help, ideas and guidance for CIE A2 Art & Design students who are working on their A Level Art Coursework projects.

Inspirational Artist Models for Painting Students

A collection of inspirational contemporary and historical painters for Art students to learn from.

Art project ideas
Cool Art Project Ideas

This is a concise article, aimed at helping students generate fun, original and ‘cool’ art project ideas.

AS Art Exam (Controlled Test): a guide for students

This article gives tips, advice and guidance for students sitting their CIE AS Art Exam, written by an experienced teacher and Coursework assessor.

AS Art Coursework: A Guide for Students

A summary of what is expected for your AS Art Coursework Project (CIE) – written by an experienced teacher and Coursework assessor.

A Level Art: An Overview

An explanation of how the AS and A2 components combine, over two years, to create a final grade for A Level Art and Design (CIE 9704).

A Level Art: The Personal Study

A guide to presenting a superb A Level Art Personal Study (tips from an experienced teacher and Coursework assessor).

How to develop your ideas in an Art project

A level art students must present a Coursework portfolio that shows development. What does development mean? This article explains.

Painting a portrait from a photo: the risks

Painting a portrait when you don’t know the person is hard. Painting a person that you don’t know from a photo – especially a photo you have not taken yourself – is even harder.

Art Project Ideas: A Guide to Subject Matter Selection

How to come up with an inspiring, original topic for your high school Art project (GCSE, IGCSE and A Level Art ideas from an experienced teacher and coursework assessor).

Those who Succeed

This is an article for me. It is a reminder, because I have forgotten. There is only one difference between those who succeed and those who do not.

What makes an Art student excel

Who will make it? Which students achieve the best academic results? Who will be successful in five or ten or twenty years?

Tips for producing an amazing high school art sketchbook

This article contains tips, examples, and advice from an experienced teacher, outlining best practice for sketchbook content, page layout, and presentation. For students studying qualifications such as GCSE Art, A Level Art, IB Visual Art, and NCEA Scholarship.


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