How to annotate a sketchbook: a guide for art students

Wondering how to annotate an A Level Art sketchbook, conduct formal analysis for IB Visual Arts, or looking for GCSE Art annotation examples? This article sets out best practice when it comes to producing outstanding sketchbook annotation.

Textiles and Fashion Design Sketchbooks – 18 Inspirational Examples

This article contains outstanding textile and fashion design sketchbooks to inspire students working with fashion garments, personal accessories, wearable art costumes, fabrics or textiles.

Graphic Design Sketchbook Ideas – 20 Inspirational Examples

This article provides examples of sketchbooks to motivate those studying high school Graphic Design qualifications, focusing upon areas such as illustration, publication design, corporate identity, advertising and packaging design.

Photography Sketchbook Ideas – 11 Inspirational Examples

Many high school Photography students are unsure how to present printed photographic images in a creative and visually appealing way. This article provides photographysketchbook examples to help motivate and inspire high school students.

Sculpture and 3D Design Sketchbooks – 13 Creative Examples

Exploring topics such as abstract sculpture, figurative sculpture, installation, architectural design and product design, these sketchbook pages illustrate excellent presentation techniques.

Art Sketchbook Ideas: creative examples to inspire students

Looking for sketchbook ideas? This article showcases inspirational Fine Art sketchbooks – inspiration for the student and teacher.

Tips for producing an amazing high school art sketchbook

This article contains tips, examples, and advice from an experienced teacher, outlining best practice for sketchbook content, page layout, and presentation. For students studying qualifications such as GCSE Art, A Level Art, IB Visual Art, and NCEA Scholarship.


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