Our first publication: 100 High School Sketchbooks!

Last Updated on April 22, 2018

The Student Art Guide has published free educational content for five years. This is our first paid publication and contains high resolution images, with clear annotation. It features outstanding student work from students who achieved excellent grades within high school visual art and design qualifications. Purchasing a copy of this book helps us to fund the creation of more free content, hiring talented art teachers from around the world to produce material that is available free of charge.

The Student Art Guide is working on our first publication: 100 High School Sketchbooks. This will be available in both hardcopy and electronic format and will contain outstanding sketchbook pages from high school Art Departments around the world. Featuring large, high quality images (with annotation, mark-making and surface quality clearly visible) we hope to provide a valuable and inspiring learning resource that celebrates and promotes the achievement of students, teachers and schools. 

We received over 600 applications in our initial call for entries and have selected work from 100 students to be featured within the publication. 

The book will include work from a range of countries and qualifications, covering many specialist visual art areas, such as drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, digital media, printmaking and sculpture. We hope to have the publication complete by early 2017.

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