Face-to-face and online tutoring for high school Art students: a list of Art Tutors

Last Updated on February 5, 2024

Private tuition is growing rapidly in certain parts of the world, with nearly one in four 11-16 year olds in England and Wales (24%) receiving outside help with some subjects, according to a recent poll by the Sutton Trust. In London, this number is much higher, with 40% of students gaining extra tuition at some point during their schooling career. These numbers have exploded further in recent months, due to disruption of traditional schooling caused by Covid-19.

This is a list of private Art tutors who are available to help students fulfil their potential in high school Art qualifications, such as GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, IB, NCEA and AP Studio Art. These individuals and companies provide a range of online tutoring services, including: detailed evaluations of artwork; guidance about developing ideas; general tips and recommendations to improve the quality of your work; advice about how to structure, organise and present your project; and specialised assistance in areas such as Fine Art / Painting and Related Media, Graphic Design, Digital Media, Photography and Sculpture. These tutors are based in many locations around the world and offer online tutoring via Skype or email, and/or face-to-face tutoring. Many have had their own work (or that of their students) featured upon the Student Art Guide and all express a commitment to providing professional, high quality Art tuition.

NOTE: that these tutors have not been vetted or officially endorsed by the Student Art Guide. It is your responsibility to carry out any necessary background checks before sharing contact details or hiring someone to be your tutor. If you are a high school student, please seek advice from a parent or guardian before acquiring the services of an Art tutor online.

Payment for tutoring services

Art tutor rates are usually arranged individually between the tutor and tutee, with prices confirmed once details of the assistance required have been discussed. We have included approximate hourly rates beside each listing below in American dollars and sometimes local currency. Please contact the individual tutors directly for more information.

If you are looking for art tutor jobs and would like to be included upon this list, please read our tutor submission guidelines below!

A list of high school Art tutors

Alice Cahill – experienced IB Visual Art Teacher

Alice Cahill

Alice Cahill has been a Visual Art Teacher for the last 10 years teaching internationally in schools around the world. Experienced IB Visual Art Teacher for the DP, Visual Art Examiner for the CS, PP and EE. Her tuition rate is 50 euro (1hr max) via skype. For email correspondence and editing assistance 50 euro per hour. Alice currently teaches at an IB International School based in Ireland. For more information, please make contact via email:

Amanda Williamson – experienced high school art teacher

Amanda Williamson art teacher

Amanda is an experienced high school art teacher, with over 20 years teaching experience working in a variety of education settings, including the UK and Thailand. She has been a Head of Art and a Creative Faculty Leader, and has run CPD training for teachers, as well as workshops for students. Amanda is currently working at Leeds Arts University, UK, as the FE Extended Diploma Pathway Leader for Fashion and Textiles. One of Amanda’s past students, Kate Powell, has had her A Level Art projects featured on the Student Art Guide.

Amanda has a BA in Art and Design, a PGCE and MA in Education. She specialises in mixed media and textiles, as well as written element support and exam preparation / development. Amanda is based in Leeds, UK, for face-to-face tutoring, and also offers tuition via skype and email. Her tuition rate is £40 per hour. Please make initial contact with Amanda via email.

Amy Atkinson – experienced Art Teacher and IB Examiner

Amy Atkinson: art teacher

Amy Atkinson has been teaching Art in Secondary Schools for 10+ years, mainly teaching IGCSE and IB in International Schools. She also serves as an IB Examiner and Teacher Mentor. Amy is currently teaching at Shenzhen International School, a high school in China. She is available to tutor Art students online via email or Skype. Her tuition rate is USD$60 per skype session (max 1 hour). For email correspondence and editing assistance, USD$60 per hour of reading/editing. For more information, please view Amy’s website.

Ashaba Gabito – high school art teacher and tutor

IGCSE Art tutor

Ashaba Gabito is an all-round experienced visual artist, a specialist in painting, drawing, mixed media and weaving. Some of his artworks can be found on his website. Ashaba holds a masters degree in Art and Industrial Design from Kyambogo University, Uganda. Ashaba is currently based in Rwanda where he instructs IB MYP at Green Hills Academy. Prior to that he taught IGCSEAS/A2 Art and Design for over six years at Vienna College Namugongo in Uganda.

Ashaba privately tutors students via email, Google meet and zoom for USD$60 per hour, discussing images, work progress, ideas and much more. He also gives guidance in portfolio creation. He can be contacted on +256784109150 (whatsapp) +250790914883 (calls) and by email.

Beatrice Bonafini – experienced Art Tutor

Beatrice Bonafini art tutor

Artist Beatrice Bonafini has an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art (Distinction), a BA in Fine Art from the Slade School of Art (1st Class Honours) and a Foundation Diploma from Chelsea College of Art and Design. At high school she achieved a 7 (the maximum grade) for IB Art. Originally from Italy, Beatrice has lived in London for 7 years. She has a good understanding of what top art institutions look for in their students and can provide tutoring for portfolio preparation as well as interview practice, taking students on visits to the institutions of their choice as well as galleries in London, to prepare them for thinking critically about art making.

Beatrice has a wide range of tutoring experience, teaching high school students as part of the Slate Widening Participation Summer Art Course, offered by University College London; the Outreach Program Art Workshop offered by Royal College of Art, and the Summer Public Art Workshops run by Pump House Gallery. Beatrice offers private art tutoring; online and face-to-face. She can be contacted through her website or via email for more information.

Camilla Campbell – experienced high school art teacher and moderator

Camilla Campbell GCSE Art tutor

Camilla is an experienced art teacher and is available to tutor students taking GCSE and A Level Art and has worked with most examination boards in the UK for over 10 years. Camilla has also taught abroad and worked internationally in Beijing, Abu Dhabi and in Bucharest teaching the CIE curriculum for IGCSE and A Level Art. Camilla has also taught Edexcel international Art and Design in GCSE and A Level, International Baccalaureate, and the Matriculation system in South Africa. Camilla is a moderator for BTEC Art and Design and an OCR A-level Art Examiner in the UK.

Casey Roonan – educator at Rhode Island School of Design

Casey Roonan art educator

Casey Roonan is a professional illustrator, published cartoonist and an instructor at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where he graduated with a BFA in 2014. Casey began teaching at RISD in 2017, and has gone on to instruct both adults and teens in the fundamentals of drawing and design, as well as illustration and sequential art. In addition to private tutoring experience, Casey has also taught at the high school level as a long-term substitute (from 2018 to 2019) for Art FoundationsDrawing and Painting, and AP Art classes at Rocky Hill Country Day School in East Greenwich, RI.

Casey offers tutoring online via email and Zoom or Skype for USD$60 per hour, and in-person in the New York Metropolitan area for USD$100 per hour. He provides specialized feedback on student artwork, technical lessons in a variety of art media, and helps with preparation of college application portfolios. For more information please contact Casey via email or visit his website.

Ciara Kosior – experienced product designer

artist ciara kosior

Ciara Kosior is an artist and designer with a BFA from RISD and twelve years of experience working as a professional product designer. She began tutoring high school students in 2021 to help them develop portfolios for art school applications. She also has experience as a volunteer children’s summer camp art instructor. Ciara enjoys demystifying drawing and design techniques, teaching art history, and encouraging students to explore their emotions, questions, and passions through art. She loves to help students learn, grow, and prepare their portfolios.

Ciara is available for online tutoring, or in-person tutoring in New York City. Her tuition rate is USD$65 per hour. For more information, contact Ciara via email or by calling/texting 413-265-4858.

Emily So – Carnegie Mellon University School of Art

Online Art Tutor Emily So

Emily So graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012. She has been a professional artist since 2009 and worked for Disney Research as an artist for over a year. Emily is an experienced tutor, specializing in drawing / illustration, digital painting, video game graphics and 2D animation. She is experienced with AP Studio Art, helping students gain admission to magnet schools and college art schools, and helping students build their professional art careers. Emily offers online tuition via Google Meets. Her tuition rate is USD$80 per hour. Please contact Emily via email or visit her website for more information.

Erin Frye – certified K-12 Art educator

Erin Frye art tutor

Erin Frye has 15 years of teaching experience within Breckenridge Community Schools. She teaches elementary, middle School and high school Art courses. She currently works at Breckenridge High School, Michigan, USA (student artwork can be viewed on Artsonia).

Erin is available for tutoring online via email or Skype, or in-person. Contact Erin via email or phone (989-842-3182 ext 426) for more information.

Helen Jillott – experienced high school teacher and university educator

Helen Jillott art tutor

Helen Jillott has 18 years’ experience teaching year 7-13 students as well as Foundation year zero, and life drawing to adults. She has been head of department/subject lead at various secondary schools, colleges, and universities in London and the UK. She is experienced with preparing student portfolios and UCAS applications, with the majority of students being accepted to degrees in Architecture, Product Design, Fine Art, and Fashion and Textiles at many of the leading Arts Universities. She is experienced with delivering Edexcel (examiner 2006-2010), UALab Foundation Diploma and Extended Diploma (current examiner), and Cambridge International Education.

Helen is currently Head of Creativity and Performance, delivering Cambridge International Education (IGCSE and A Level) in an international school in Southern Spain. In 2020, one of her students received the Cambridge Outstanding Achievement Award for the highest mark in Spain for IGCSE.

Helen has an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art, London, and a BA in Fine Art and Philosophy from the University of Reading. Her tutoring rate is £40 GBP per hour. You can see examples of student work at Issuu. For more information, please contact Helen via email or visit her website.

Irena Ellis – practising artist and experienced teacher

Irena Ellis art history tutor

Irena Ellis has a BA in Art History/English from Masaryk University Brno and an Art and Design Teacher Degree MA from the University of Western Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic. She has previously taught Art History, Art Techniques and Art and Design at Secondary Schools in CZ, lead the National Gallery Education department for two years and thereafter worked as a freelance artist/gallery educator in Czech Republic and the UK, working for DOX centre for contemporary art in Prague and Pilsen. Currently on a sabbatical, Irena is looking forward to tutoring individuals as well as home-schooling primary and secondary school students.

Irena has previously prepared students for their Czech A Levels in Art and Design/Art History, taught art/history to international students at a summer school in the UK and taught English as a foreign language through art to youth and young people in London. Irena is available for tutoring via Skype, email or in person in London. She can be contacted via email or telephone: +447490745435.

Jo York – experienced Art teacher and Educational Consultant

Jo York is an artist, teacher and consultant, with over twenty years of experience running creative workshops and Visual Art courses. She tutors diverse groups and individuals and works as an Art Education Consultant, supporting Art departments in schools and colleges. Jo has an Honours Degree in Illustration and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, specialising in Art and Design. She is a former Head of Art.

Based between Harrogate and Ripon in North Yorkshire, UK, Jo offers face-to-face tuition from her purpose-built studio and online tuition via email (Skype tutoring to be available soon). She specialises in Edexcel and AQA qualifications, working with  AS and A2 Art students on a one to one basis, offering detailed advice and support on all aspects of their Art coursework and development. She also helps students with portfolio and interview preparation when applying for Foundation or Degree courses. Her tutoring rate is GBP £40 per hour – at the time of publishing this is approximately USD$62 per hour. Please contact Jo via email or view her website for more information.

Julie Read – Portfolio Oomph

Portfolio preparation tutor Julie Read

Julie Read has a BA (Honours) Fine Art Printmaking from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design (University of Dundee) and a Postgraduate Certification in Education for Further and Higher Education (PGCE) from the University of Strathclyde. She has nine years of experience teaching and interviewing at the Edinburgh College of Art and fifteen years of experience teaching and mentoring students, helping them successfully prepare for art college applications.

Julie Read founded Portfolio Oomph in 2012, helping students gain admission to art school. Portfolio Oomph has a tutoring (mentoring) success rate of 100%, with some students receiving as many as 5 unconditional offers. Tutoring has an emphasis on ideas and sketchbook development (as is necessary in all UK art and design courses) and is offered face-to-face from Edinburgh, UK, or online via email or Skype. The tuition rate is GBP £40 per hour. Please contact Julie via phone +44 (0)7815 810797, email or visit her website for more information.

Juliette Romboti – IB Visual Arts tutor

Juliette Romboti art tutor

Juliette is a graduate of the University of the Arts London and holds a Bachelor in Theatre Design. She has industry experience as a visual artist, and as a tutor in the visual arts field.

Juliette is currently completing her second bachelor in contemporary music composition at Conservatorium Maastricht. In her studio practice she is exploring the possibilities of fusing together visual art and music to create fully immersive sensory experiences.

Juliette’s objective as an art tutor is to motivate, inspire, and guide young adults in producing innovative, personal and compelling work of the highest quality, helping them to create visual art portfolios for university and gain top results in the IB Visual Arts Program. She is based in the Netherlands and is available for both in-person and online tuition. For more information please contact Juliette via email or phone: +00302108083182.

Natalie Parker – experienced Art teacher

Natalie Parker has 6 years of teaching experience and is currently a high school Art teacher at Wellington College, New Zealand. She has taught Junior Art, NCEA Levels 1 – 3 and Scholarship (Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture). Natalie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Major in Sculpture; Minor in Printmaking) and a Secondary School Postgraduate Teaching Diploma with Distinction. She is a practicing artist, with a specialty in painting.

Natalie is available as an Art tutor in Junior Art or NCEA / Scholarship. She is able to tutor students face-to-face in Wellington, New Zealand, or online via email or Skype. Her tuition rate is NZD$50 per hour. Please contact Natalie via email, visit her Facebook page or phone directly for more information: +64 21 113 7206

Stella Karageorgi – artist, researcher, and teacher

Stella Karageorgi IGCSE art tutor

Stella Karageorgi holds a Doctorate in Fine Art practice since 2013, from De Montfort University in UK. Previously, she studied a Bachelor in both Art History & Fine Art in the USA, at the University of Texas, Austin, and gained postgraduate studies in the UK, at St. Martin’s College of Art & Design and the University of Northampton. Stella currently teaches Art & Design at a private British school in Cyprus and works as a freelance Cultural Heritage Consultant offering services on project planning, mentoring, and creative workshops.

Tony Baughan – experienced high school art teacher and examiner

Tony Baughan art teacher

Tony Baughan is a retired teacher now residing again in the UK, having taught Visual Arts to secondary school students from ages 11 to 19 in nine countries for 34 years, predominantly in international schools, with most notable lengths of service in the UK, following the acquisition of a B.A. Honours Fine Arts degree and subsequent teaching qualification, Cambodia and most recently Hong Kong. These were punctuated by various experiences in the Caribbean, West, South and East Africa, the Middle East and southern China.

Opportunities in the UK at the outset of Tony’s career afforded him the opportunity to develop A Level modular courses and examine GCSE Art submissions. Overseas posts also incorporated examining IGCSE coursework, but the most rewarding experiences for gaining knowledge of international standards at all ages have been the decade-long positions of IB MYP moderator and IB Diploma visiting examiner, which involved travelling to secondary schools in South East Asia. Individual tutoring after school hours has also enabled students to gain extra perspectives on portfolio realised imagery and process journal externally examined submissions.

Tony is available for tutoring at a rate of 35 pounds sterling per hour, although this is negotiable. Initial contact is preferred via email.

Victoria Haviland – experienced art tutor

Victoria has a BA and MA in Fine Art. Based in London, UK, Victoria currently offers private one-to-one and online art tuition for scholarship entry students and GCSE Art students. Victoria also partakes in group practice critiques and reading groups with professional artists. Victoria’s art sessions are very much a collaboration between student and teacher, with parents kept well-informed of process and progress. She devises a structural plan for progression, drawing up a list of artists for the student to study, both contemporary and classic, encouraging students also to conduct their own research, bringing to light their own sources of inspiration and reference. She encourages documentation both of resources and personal note making. Victoria attempts to make the tutoring sessions uplifting, encouraging personality and ambition. Victoria can be contacted via Facebook or phone: +02087801615.

Online Art tutor jobs

Online Art tuition is a great way for experienced teachers and high-achieving university students to offer their expertise from the comfort of their own home. Part time tutoring fits in and around irregular university hours or a teaching timetable and is an excellent activity for those on parental leave or those who wish to work from home. Tutoring jobs for college students have hourly pay rates that are often well above what would be achieved in other part time roles and allow students to work in the same field of study as their chosen area of study, making it an intellectually stimulating, rewarding and relevant role.

For Art students who have graduated from university, face-to-face or online tutoring jobs can offer interaction and communication with others that may be missing when pursuing solitary creative endeavours.

Tutor submission guidelines

could you be an art tutor?

The purpose of this article is to match up self-employed tutors or tutoring agencies with Art students in need. Due the high traffic the Student Art Guide receives (8,000 – 20,000 visitors daily, primarily keen, committed high school students) our website can be an excellent way to general quality tutee referrals. The list above is selective and includes only tutors who are:

  • Qualified Art teachers OR tutors who achieved outstanding grades in high school Art qualifications
  • Graduates of (or currently studying towards) an art-related degree at college or university
  • Able to receive online payments (this is easy and free to set up via Paypal) with reliable access to the internet
  • Committed to providing professional, high quality Art tuition.

If you are interested in having your services listed on this page, please send an email via our contact form with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Qualifications
  • If a student: results gained in high school Art subjects, as well as any other related subjects (for example, an outstanding result in English can show excellent communication skills). Please use precise and clear names for qualifications and exact grades and/or percentages, if known. You may also include any details about any significant awards or prizes received.
  • If a teacher: teaching experience (years teaching), current school, and subjects taught
  • Any tutoring experience or other relevant information
  • Location and tutoring availability: for example, online via email or Skype, or in-person
  • Link to your website (or that of your school) if applicable (we have explained how to create your own website here). Please note that links to websites from this page will be ‘nofollow’ as per Google Webmaster Tools guidelines for advertorial listings
  • A contact email (and phone number with international calling code prefix if phone contact is desired).

Attach an awesome photograph of yourself or your tutoring company. A clear photo goes a long way to reassuring viewers that you are not an unknown online tutoring entity, but a genuine human being who they can trust. This will be published as a small square: 300×300 pixels.

To gain the best out of this listing, we recommend that you submit a Featured Art Project for us to share on the Student Art Guide, as this is one of the best ways to indicate your skill and experience with a particular qualification. Submitting a Featured Art Project is free and celebrates and promotes the achievement of students, while helping others learn in the process. We will link from your tutor listing to this page and vice versa.

We do not list art tutor vacancies or ‘art tutor wanted’ ads at this time.

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