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Last Updated on April 2, 2023

This page contains a collection of free Art resources for use by middle and high school teachers. You are welcome to use these resources within your own Art classes and teaching programmes, as long as the source of the image is credited as We are more than happy for links to these images to be shared via social mediums such as Facebook or Pinterest, however publishing these materials in any other way is not permitted: see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

As most senior Art students undergo a personal learning programme in which they explore individual topics and themes, these resources are likely to be most beneficial for art students aged 12 – 15 (at these ages students typically follow more teacher-driven programmes). These resources are designed to ensure students have a good skill base before entering senior Art programmes. It is hoped that these exemplars will be of assistance to many busy Art teachers!


Resources for teaching Art

acrylic painting techniques - free handouts for art teachers
This handout illustrates several acrylic painting techniques and introduces students to the idea of applying paint using a range of tools and materials in addition to a brush (resources for Art teachers created by

line drawing worksheet

This worksheet is part of our Line Drawing Guide. Please view this article to access the high-resolution downloadable PDF version of this worksheet.

step-by-step guide: how to paint with acrylic
A step-by-step illustration showing you how to paint with acrylic using a flicking brush technique: building up layers to create a simple still life painting (resources to help with teaching Art, created by
painting of weaving
This is a great exercise for art students: a painting of a weaving, with every strand of flax painted / drawn using a different medium or technique. It encourages creativity with media, as well as allows student to practise their blending and application of tone. The ‘under/over’ nature of the weaving also helps students understand how to create depth and space within their drawings. (Art resources from
art teacher handout - the effect of colour
This handout is used to stimulate discussion about the effect of colour. A simple exercise, this introduces students to colour schemes such as: monochrome, harmonious, complementary, subdued/minimal, realistic and ‘earthy’. Students can then go on to complete a similar exercise using one of their own drawings. (Art resources created by
perspective drawing lessons - one and two point
This is a straight forward handout to help with perspective drawing lessons: one point perspective + two point perspective (free art teacher resources from

This perspective exercise is part of our Guide to One Point Perspective, which contains several handouts and free teaching resources.

one point perspective drawing - room
An age-old teaching exercise, the one-point perspective drawing of a room never fails to engage students. This example illustrates how the basic one point perspective ‘box’ can be cut and modified to create a more complex interior space. (Art resources for teachers created by
Step-by-step shell painting by Amiria Robinson,


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