A Level Art: The Essence Of

Last Updated on April 2, 2023

This CIE A2 Level Art and Design project was created by Alice Ham, Year 13, ACG Parnell College, Auckland, New Zealand. It was awarded 99% (A*). Alice writes about her project below.

First prep sheet: A Level Art
Enlarged details from the first preparatory sheet

This website has helped me so much in putting together by project and getting past mental blocks so felt I should contribute to it somehow.

This is my A2 submission for which my overall grade was 99% (98% at AS level). The project was called ‘The Essence of’ and attempted to illustrate the idea that all of humanity is made up of the same base blocks. Further expansion of this idea led to the such things as always illustrating the bones in pencil (a medium considered very base but neccesary) and also the final painting, in which acceptance is conveyed through the handshake.

The collage seen in the work is from a medical book I picked up at a second hand store. Presenting the body in a medical/clinical way allowed me to remove the perhaps culturally ingrained emotional response and further emphasise the idea of everyone being similarly constructed.

The artist I did my personal study on, Liam Gerrard, I drew inspiration from also.

I’ve shared pictures of all 3 preparatory sheets and the final painting.

A Level Art: exploration of human form

Study of the human body: A Level Art

Study of the human form: A Level Art

Final piece: A Level Art


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