Contrast / Lock’n’keys: AS Level Art and Design

Last Updated on February 8, 2017

This article features two AS Art projects: an AS Art examination and Coursework project by Hamad Ali, completed while studying at Cordoba School for A levels, Pakistan. These projects were produced as part of CIE A Level Art and Design, for which he was awarded an A* grade. Hamad Ali writes about the two projects below.

Contrast: AS Art Examination

Contrast: CIE Art and Design

The universe is in a constant state of flux. Nothing is static. Everything is moving, changing, transforming; from the tiniest quark to the largest super cluster. This is apparent when, upon close scrutiny, patterns begin to emerge.

My investigation into the inner-workings of the universe begins with a response to forms in nature. I focus on transformations of candy forms. The work always begins with observational figure drawing. These drawings then undergo a scientific-esque process in which they are investigated, analyzed, dissected, and then transformed into new forms using both traditional and digital techniques, often alternating back and forth between the two.

I love the bright funky colors of candies against the pale dark tone of my hand, creating a very interesting contrast.

I especially love the swirling patterns on different candies and lollipops. I want to explore this unique contrast of these patterns and my fingers together.

I like the way artist David Mazure has explored the human form in his work. According to him:

Just as there is an order to the universe, so must there be a logical reason for every decision made in my creation process, from the medium, to the imagery, to its inevitable display. I am not devoted to any one medium and often discover that a mix of traditional and new technologies will achieve my desired goals. Choice of medium is dependent upon the message. Herein lies one of my most formidable challenges; how to unite the medium and message to strengthen one another. – David Mazure

In this topic ‘contrast’ I explore the use of opposing elements, such as colors, forms, or lines, in proximity to produce an intensified effect in a work of art but the difference in brightness between the light and dark areas of a picture creating opposition or juxtaposition of different forms.

Lock’n’keys: AS Art Coursework

I started off with few observational drawing of things in my room. This is how I decided upon exploring locks and keys. I always had this curiosity to look beyond, to look what is hidden, what is covered. It was kind of a personal topic.

Lock'n'keys: AS Level Coursework

The first sheet has a few observational drawings and paintings, which introduces my topic.

The second sheet has a realistic foreshortened painting of one lock with several keys. I tried to create an impression that a lost key had been found. The blue watercolor work is a study of a work by Melissa Lezlie. The second sheet also includes a progressive abstraction painting. The third preparatory sheet shows locks and keys painting in traditional Pakistani truck art patterns. I have used foil to give it a shimmer to the base, depicting metal. The right image on this sheet was inspired by the idea of melting in Salvador Dali’s painting Persistence of Memory. I further used the painting style of Kristen Vincec and created a marble-effect in the work.

On the fourth sheet I have used ink, coffee, and subtle washes of watercolor to create a chaotic feeling in my painting. I then further divided it into triangles for more confusion. In the work on the right, I divided the whole painting into small triangles and then filled each triangle with a different shade of color to add variety.

In the final work I included the idea of melting an incorporated bright colors. I tried to bring the effect of jelly to my objects.