AS Graphic Design – Clothing Brand / Costume Design

Last Updated on April 2, 2023

An ‘A’ Grade, CIE, AS Level Graphic Design / Illustration portfolio by Georgia Shattky, Year 12, ACG Parnell College, Auckland, New Zealand. This article shows both Georgia’s Coursework and Examination project.

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My coursework brief for AS Graphic Design was to design a brand identity for the fictional clothing label ‘Good Sugar’. The brand was to be targeted at young women aged 16 – 25. Key ideas and themes to communicate were a sense of energetic and light-hearted fun and playfulness with a modern edge.

A Level Graphic Design
The brief here was to design the promotional material for the opening of a new clothing store called ‘Good Sugar’. This is the first A1 board of preparatory work, where I developed a logo. This board dealt with establishing colours, shapes and more general elements of the brand identity which I incorporated into the final designs.
Poster Design - A Level Art

This board was where I looked at promotional material for the brand. I focused on creating an event poster and mainly used a mixed media/collage sort of approach.

This work was what I did for my exam in AS Graphic Design. The brief I chose involved designing two costumes set in a specific environment for a stage show. I decided to design a ‘good’ and ‘evil’ version of a bird costume. The design process I did for this project firstly involved research into costuming and stage productions, fashion and bird anatomy and structure before I started ideation for the general ideas about colours, silhouettes and textures for the costumes. I had the idea of representing feathers with roughly torn strips of fabric or paper, which evolved into the main design of the wings and tail sections.

In the first of these boards you can see I tried out a few different ideas before deciding on the bird ones. I also tried to keep the costumes reasonably practical so the bottom designs are more like technical drawings.


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