AS Photography: Covert and Obscure

Supernatural light painting

This article features AS Photography Coursework by Kareem Al Saady, a student of Doha College, Qatar. This work was based on the topic ‘Covert and Obscure’.

A Level Ceramics: Falling Cats

A Level Ceramics by Shawn Kwan

An ‘A’ grade, AS Level Ceramics Coursework project by Shawn Kwan, of Mayfield School, United Kingdom. The level of detail and insight provided by Shawn makes this a valuable read for anyone considering undertaking a ceramic project themselves.


A2 Level Art and Design Coursework project by Seamuso. All of my portrait work through 6th year, 7th year and foundation. Themes such as grief, depression, anger and happiness. Madness Depression Enlightenment Loss of a friend Hurt A2 portfolio page Sketchbook page Inks and Watercolour Beauty Study A1